Princesses and Parenting.

So I recently noticed that mothers always want their little girls to grow up as princesses and classy young ladies who fall in love with some doctor and secretly hate their kids and their lives.  Well Just so everyone knows, my life is going the complete opposite direction.  I mean whats wrong with wanting to be a marine biologist?  Or wanting to study sharks and live on an island eating the fruit from the trees in my back yard?  Because let me tell you just a little about what I see wrong with being some “princess”, or in my words a stuck up, lying, two face, tight ass bitch. So go back to your younger years and think about Cinderella.  That whore sneaks out and fucking complains about everything. First off if you really hate your life that much then get off your ass and get a job and then move out. Thats what any other normal person would have done.  Snow White. Whore.  She is “friends” with seven short men. Right.  And the little mermaid, she fucking commits suicide for some guy! She is a fish, he is a human! Get the fuck over it sweet heart.  Tinker bell.  She’s a whore.  She hates herself because she has self a steam issues about what kind of fairy she is.  Fiona, whore. She dates like three guys and then decides she is in love with the monster. cool bitch! We all know you wanted to stay human.  Bell falls in love with an animal too! Thats like … illegal. People go to jail for like raping dogs and shit now days.  Mullan fucking puts out that she hates females.  ll turing into a guy and shit.  I mean if she supports transgenders good for her.  And lets not forget that in general they are all fucking crazy! They all talk to animals or objects thats aren’t alive.  What the fuck is that about?  And also the life lessons they try to teach kids in these movies never come across straight!  I feel like i need to go around fucking singing and dancing about fucking everything! I mean seriously! People aren’t always that fucking happy!  And since when does everything always end perfectly? Never. So mothers all around the world that despise their tom-boy, bug loving, real life personality daughters.  Go fuck yourselves. Because when it comes down to it, the “perfect” ones always seem to have to hide more shit.


Ha… This Sucks. For Her.

Okay so your ex boyfriend gets a new girl friend, right.  You see her and your like, “oh heyyyy.  Your dating my ex.  Guess what, every time you kiss my ex.  You taste my pussy. Have fun :p HAHA”  yea… isn’t that just a slap in the face. 🙂 Ha.. ha.ha. bitch.

Fuck Me.. -.-

Isn’t it the best when you try to say something cool and clever but turns out it didn’t sound as cool or clever as it did in your head so you just end up looking like a dumb ass. Yea thats me. Like 100% of the time.